Top 7 Indoor Play Spaces In Calgary

Treehouse Indoor Playground – South Calgary

At A Glance:

Rating: 4.3 (1193 reviews)
Address: 240 Midpark Way SE #13, Calgary
Phone: +1 587-356-2822

What makes Treehouse a good choice?

Treehouse Indoor Playground in South Calgary is a hidden gem for families looking to entertain children in a fun, safe, and engaging environment. Tailored for kids up to 12 years old, this indoor playground is celebrated for its vast array of activities, from a giant climbing structure that challenges and delights children of various ages, to unique attractions like a race track for wiggle cars and a game zone separate from the main play area to ensure a peaceful experience for all visitors​​​​​​.

Safety is a top priority at Treehouse, with wrist stamps and a magnetically locked gate system in place to ensure that families can relax knowing their little ones are secure. The playground offers a balanced mix of physical and imaginative play areas, including a dedicated toddler zone with slides and a ball pit, imaginative play setups like a mini supermarket and post office, and even an interactive ball pit with levitating balls—an unusual and fascinating feature that sparks creativity among its young adventurers​​​​.

What sets Treehouse Indoor Playground apart is not just its commitment to fun and safety but also the thoughtful design of its space. The central seating area allows parents to keep an eye on their children from a comfortable distance, while the café serves up a surprising variety of both indulgent and healthy options, ensuring that everyone can refuel and recharge during their visit. Moreover, Treehouse Indoor Playground offers unique services such as Parents Date Night, allowing parents to enjoy some time off while their kids are entertained in a secure and fun environment​​​​. This blend of imaginative play areas, safety measures, and family-friendly services makes Treehouse Indoor Playground a must-visit destination for those in the Calgary area seeking an enjoyable outing for children.


At A Glance:

Rating: 4.3 (982 reviews)
Address: 688 Heritage Dr SE #100, Calgary
Phone: (877) 835-7059

What makes KidzGo worth it?

KidzGo Calgary is a vibrant and colorful indoor playground designed to delight children from infants to 13 years old. Offering a wide variety of activities, KidzGo ensures fun for every age group. For the little racers, the racing zone with small electric cars is a huge hit, allowing children to zoom around a painted track, sometimes even participating in races​​. The dedicated infant area, with its soft climber and various toys, and the expansive toddler zone, complete with electric toys, a light-up slide, and a climber with four slides and a ball pit, ensure that the youngest visitors have a safe and engaging environment to explore​​.

Safety at KidzGo is taken seriously, with a locked gate system ensuring that kids and parents have matching numbers checked upon exit. This playground features a diverse array of attractions, including a safety car track, a large climber with slides and ball pits, and an arcade. The presence of a pirate-themed inflatable course adds a unique obstacle course experience for the kids​​.

Moreover, KidzGo is described as being well-designed, considering both children and parents’ needs. It includes amenities like massage chairs and a café, ensuring parents can relax while keeping an eye on their kids. The large climber and slides are a central feature, offering numerous tunnels and obstacles for adventurous play​​. Feedback from visitors is overwhelmingly positive, emphasizing the unique attractions such as electric cars and a variety of slides, indicating KidzGo as a worthwhile destination for family fun​​.

For families in Southern Alberta looking for indoor fun, KidzGo offers a memorable experience with its unique play areas, safety features, and thoughtful amenities, making it a standout option among Calgary’s indoor playgrounds​​.

Hide N Seek

At A Glance:

Rating: 4.5 (1674 reviews)
Address: 49 Aero Dr NE #18, Calgary
Phone: +1 587-774-1999

What makes Hide N Seek a destination?

Hide N Seek Calgary stands out as a large indoor playground that offers a multitude of activities suitable for children of all ages. It features an extensive toddler zone, arcade games, a cafeteria with a variety of healthy food choices, a parent lounge, and party rooms, making it an ideal spot for family outings​​. The playground is known for its huge play structure that takes up half the indoor playground space, specifically designed for kids three and over, although younger children have also found enjoyment in the bigger slides with appropriate supervision​​.

Upon entering, visitors are greeted with cubbies for outdoor shoes and ample space for coat hanging. First-time visitors are required to register at a computer, sign a waiver, and provide contact information. The café within the playground offers a range of snacks from pizza and hot dogs to healthier options like fruit cups and veggie cups, ensuring there’s something for every palate. The seating area is conveniently placed along the climbing structures, allowing parents to keep an eye on their children as they play​​.

Visitors have shared positive experiences, noting the additional seating by the party rooms and redemption games as a highlight. The arcade games and rides were particularly enjoyable for both older and younger children, adding an extra layer of entertainment to their visit​​.

For those planning a visit, Hide N Seek is located at #18, 49 Aero Drive NE, Calgary, AB, and can be contacted at 587-774-1999. Their website provides more information for those interested​​. Remember, Hide N Seek ensures a safe and fun environment with a matching number system for family members and locked gates for added security. It’s a place where the whole family can have a great time, and many visitors find themselves returning for more fun​​.

The Big Box – Family Entertainment Hub

At A Glance:

Rating: 4.2 (1947 reviews)
Address: 930 64 Ave NE, Calgary
Phone: +1 403-244-2691

What makes Big Box Big Fun?

The Big Box Family Entertainment Hub in Calgary is a vast space that spans over 55,000 square feet, offering a wide variety of activities and play areas suitable for the whole family​​. This massive hub features an indoor playground, an inflatable play area, additional attractions like a virtual reality section, an aerial rope course, an arcade, and bumper cars​​. It also offers birthday party services, making it a go-to spot for special celebrations​​.

When planning your visit, it’s useful to know a few tips to make the most out of your time there. For instance, filling out a waiver beforehand online can save you time at the venue. Grip socks are required for play, and bringing a water bottle is recommended as the fountain is located outside the Leisure Lagoon play area. The facility provides cubbies and lockers for personal belongings, but if you’re visiting with multiple younger children, it might be challenging to keep visual track of them due to the hub’s expansive layout​​.

The play areas are designed to cater to a wide range of ages and interests. The inflatable area, for example, is akin to a ninja course with obstacles to jump off, climb over, and jump across, providing challenges for both little kids and big kids​​. The hub also features a unique building area where kids can engage their creativity with both large and small bricks, allowing for imaginative play​​.

For toddlers, there’s a dedicated area filled with balls, a little playhouse, and a beehive climbing structure, ensuring the smallest visitors have a safe and fun space to explore​​. On the other side of the spectrum, the indoor playground offers climbing features, slides, tunnels, and a ball blaster area that older kids are sure to enjoy​​.

The Big Box is not just about play; it includes a concession stand with pizza, snacks, and beverages for when you need a break and to refuel​​. With its broad range of activities, The Big Box Family Entertainment Hub promises a fun-filled day for families looking for adventure and play in Calgary​​.

Flying Squirrel Trampoline Park South Calgary

At A Glance:

Rating: 4.3 (1073 reviews)
Address: 5342 72 Ave SE, Calgary
Phone: +1 587-387-5867

Why is Flying Squirrel such a fling?

Flying Squirrel Trampoline Park in South Calgary is a place where fun and excitement reach new heights! This indoor trampoline park is more than just a place to jump; it’s an adventure-filled playground suitable for all ages and brimming with a variety of activities. From climbing walls to aerial silks, dunk hoops, and foam pits to a kiddie court designed specifically for the younger ones, there’s something for everyone. The park is unique in offering a blend of high-energy fun and activities that encourage physical activity and skill-building in a safe environment​​.

The experience at Flying Squirrel South Calgary is designed to be hassle-free and full of enjoyment. You purchase jump time in increments, ensuring you can tailor your visit to your schedule and energy levels. While the arcade section may not appeal to everyone, it’s a small hurdle on the way to the main attraction. The café offers a selection of snacks and drinks, providing a place to refuel before heading back into the action. Special attention is given to the kiddie court, ensuring the little ones have a space that’s safe and fun, with amenities like a climbing wall and a foam pit tailored just for them​​.

What sets Flying Squirrel apart is not just the wide array of activities but also the thoughtful consideration of comfort and convenience for both kids and parents. There are several massage chairs and couches where parents can relax while keeping an eye on their kids. The inflatable park section adds another layer of fun, with obstacles and slides for more adventurous spirits. It’s clear why Flying Squirrel is highly regarded: it offers a fun-packed experience for kids and a relaxing environment for adults, making it a favorite family destination in Calgary​​.

SkyCastle Macleod

At A Glance:

Rating: 4.6 (255 reviews)
Address: 6008 Macleod Trail SW #105, Calgary
Phone: +1 587-358-0347

Why is SkyCastle a Dream?

SkyCastle Macleod in Calgary emerges as a vibrant and engaging indoor playground that delights children and their families. Situated in a spacious 34,000-square-foot area, it includes a variety of play zones like a climbing area, a mini-town for imaginative play, a mini-carousel for gentle thrills, a visually striking snow castle, numerous slides for all ages, and a dedicated toddler jumping zone. This family entertainment center stands out for its thoughtful design, catering to children with activities that encourage them to climb, slide, jump, and engage in pretend play within a safe and stimulating environment​​.

The playground is notably segmented to cater to different age groups, ensuring that every child finds a spot that’s just right for them. For the older kids, there are challenges like a ninja course, which is perfect for testing balance and strength, and a variety of slides, including fully enclosed ones and a unique slide that requires inflatable donuts. Toddlers aren’t left out, with a section specifically designed for them, featuring smaller climbers and slides. One particularly popular attraction among the younger visitors is the “pit ball shower,” an interactive play feature where children can watch balls travel through tubes and shower down, sparking joy and laughter​​.

Beyond the play areas, SkyCastle Macleod offers a comfortable sitting area for parents, alongside a concession stand serving up a variety of snacks and drinks, from pizza and chicken wings to healthier options like milk and smoothies. The establishment has also thoughtfully included amenities like free WiFi, locker rentals, and a large parking lot, making visits hassle-free for families. While they don’t allow outside food or offer birthday room rentals, the center ensures a safe, clean, and fun environment where kids can enjoy hours of play. What makes SkyCastle Macleod stand out is not just the breadth of its play options but the clear intent to create a space that fosters social interaction, physical activity, and imaginative play among kids of all ages​​.